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Project Description

The Fluent.NET library introduces extension methods to make .NET code easier to read and more fluid to write.

English speakers read from left to right, not from the outside in. So why are we writing code that way? Fluent.NET aims to correct this problem by adding extension methods where helper methods are typically used.


  • Use fluent interfaces simply by adding a reference to the desired assembly then using the Fluent namespace.
  • Interfaces compartmentalized by feature area: General is in fluent.dll, web is in fluent.web.dll. Don't import needless assemblies into your project.
  • Execute an action over a sequence using the Execute method. E.g. clients.Execute(c => c.Persist());
  • Easily create a sequence of numbers using the To method: 1.To(5);. It even counts down: 1.To(-5);
  • Open and write to a file in one fluid motion: File.ReadAllLines("file.txt").Select(line => line.FormatWith(Guid.NewGuid()).Write("file.txt");

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